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 Combining skill, great acoustics and hi-end   tools to make your music sound awesome! 


Mastering is the last step in the production of a record, that crucial moment just before your music gets released and sent out into the real world. Making use of my experienced ears, a fantastic sounding room, outstanding speakers and an array of hi end analog and digital tools I will add clarity, definition and punch to your music and make sure it translates perfectly in all systems and environments. 



Your masters will be made to meet the requirements of all the major music streaming platforms - Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Youtube, etc. I will make sure your music will sound at its best regardless of the playback platform or end format. 


I can sequence, do fades, spacing

tag your files with CD Text, EAN/ ISRC codes, artwork, and produce track listings and verified DDP master files for CD manufacturing, ensuring you will get a high quality professional sounding final product.


I can master your music for vinyl making sure your songs are prepared for the best cut possible.


André Castro

Mastering Engineer

I have been working with digital and analog audio for over 15 years and mastering professionally for the last 5.

In 2015 I was tutored and trained by the world-class Mastering Engineer Friedemann Tischmeyer and got hooked. Since then I have been blessed to be able to provide mastering services to incredibly talented artists from all around the world.


My commitment is to work with you towards delivering the best possible presentation of your music. Your music will be mastered in a way that is respectful to both the artistic vision and the mixers intent. I am not interested in doing a rushed and careless job. I take my time, team up and work with you relentlessly towards the betterment of your music. 

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You wanna hear what I can do for your music?

As a first-time customer you get a Free Test Master. 

Hit bellow to upload your mix and lets get started!

Submissions: Wav or Aiff / 24 or 32Bit / 44.1kHz or Higher / no dynamics processing on mixbus

Free Test Master

I will be mastering your music working out of an acoustically treated room designed by renowned Acoustical Engineer John H. Brandt, coupled with outstanding reference monitoring system by Bowers & Wilkins. The studio provides a revealing and neutral experience, allowing me to listen deep into the fine details of your music. I use a blend of hi-end analog and digital processors that lets me pick and choose what's better suited for each song.

Interfaces & Conversion

Antelope Eclipse 384 kHz ADDA Mastering Converter 


Bowers & Wilkins 802 Diamond Speakers 

Chord Amps SPA 612 Monoblocks

Avantone Mix Cube

PSI Audio AVAA C20


TK Audio The Blender Mastering Console

Custom Mastering Insert Switcher

​Analogue Processing

Klontz MES-435 Mastering EQ

TK Audio TK-Lizer Mastering EQ

CAG SL4000G Mastering Compressor

Foote Control Systems P3S ME Compressor

SPL Tube Vitalizer 9360 with Telefunken NOS

Digital Processing

UAD 2, DMG Audio, Nugen Audio, Oek Sound Hofa, Sonnox, Brainworx, Izotope, etc

Digital Audio Workstations

Reaper 6

Wavelab Pro 10

Izotope RX 7

Ableton 10

Logic Pro X


Apple Mac Pro 12 Core 3.46Hz 24GB

Work Examples


I'm blessed to be able to work with some amazing talent

Miguel Angelo - Cabra - Buppy - Eleanor Kingston - Mia Martina - Diego Miranda - MC Cabelinho - Mansa - Stretch Panic - William Hooker Lamb - Artsupli - Cedriss - TINK! - M.D.A. - Darrel Hughes & The Rowdy Crowd - Kjetil Alisøy - Jenee Fleenor - Michel Rostaing - Peter Friedrich - Johan Kyle - Blaq Dogg - Obsolet - Cam James - RCB Cook & Juggernaut - Abi Natesh - Christopher Green - Neon Soho - The Carry Ons - Slope 114 - Pearl - Nichole Wagner - NOZ - Girls Like You - MPO - R.O. Shapiro - Gingi & Tom T - Jesse Javan - GeoVoc - Melilotus Music - Lakshya Bhatnagar - Vasco Ribeiro e os Clandestinos - Matthew T. Ross - Madalena Palmeirim - Aaron Parks - American Folklore - Rawlands - Ben Vogel - Kokab - Joe Drennan - Jeff Hortillosa - Youth Portal - Yaboy JDub - Sahil Peris - 8/8 Records - Izreal - ADRM - Kamano - Mexit - Analog Vinu - Samaha - Tandy Brand - Chess Brown - Davidly - MPO - Rigole - Rui Maia - Da Chick - Isaac Ace - Miguel Torga - 2jack4u - Stones & Bones - Aftermidnite - Stanley Earle Ratliff - Emily Rosner - Nosson Zand - The Dream Collision - 5th Sequence - Glenjamin -  Inseparable - Latz - KaySoul - Tenor Steppa - Deep Montage - Juscalava - On1 - Radikal Guru - TimeWheel Records - Femina-X - D-Ego - Sepia - 2 Stray Monkeys - MC Blenda - Earstrip - Espectro Lobo -  Amore Bey - Ben C. Smith - E Dot - Jus Do - Live Bradshaw - L Pro - Maan - Korkmaz - CW Franz - Damdam - Fomanshi - Shawn Diggy - Dan Padrino -  Joedan - Cissa -  Pippo Miller - Boostman Family - Eegun - Manveer Singh - Fibonacci - Southwick - Sean Doane -  FOMP Recordings - Ben C Smith - Yung Blaza - Nevilton - Soul Quest - Stolen Cargo - Tiago Morgado - TK Stacy - Clef Nite - Madloch - Keranshar - Roots Agenda - Khwezi - Rod Williams Project - Ben Dial - Coasting Clovers - lil mike - Dutchie - Chick Prix - Paths - Diatonic Family - Antireal - Snakes & Ladders - Mark Stent - Muhr - Cranefield - Francesco Altobelli - Sonny Elliot - Trem Bala - plus many more ...




Corey Crawford, Austin USA

Andre is my favorite mastering engineer of all that I have worked with. He is competent with all genres of music. Always an outstanding result!

Vinu Natarajan, Miami USA

Excellent timely mastering work. He will work with you until it sounds the way you like, and also give feedback on how you can improve your mixdowns prior to mastering.

Highly recommend!!

Ben Dial, Portland USA

Andre is one of the most professional mastering engineers I've ever worked with. Not only does he deliver high quality analog mastering but also communicates really well and revisions always meet expectations.


André Castro Mastering​

(+351) 917473555​

Lisboa, Portugal

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Thanks for getting in touch!

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